Terms and Agreement

This webshop is part of a Master Agreement between BP and Lesmar trading as Prominate for promotional merchandise.


The webshop is developed in cooperation with BP’s preferred supplier Lesmar trading as Prominate that will service BP for promotional products and merchandise. The shop will be hosted and maintained by Lesmar trading as Prominate.

Merchandise Collection

In this webshop you will find a selected range of promotional products, especially developed for BP. We have selected products that will fit the BP brands and our target groups: high quality products with branding that follows brand guidelines. By using the selected products, we have a consistency in our brand and you will not have to worry about the quality. The products will be reviewed and refreshed regularly so we will have a dynamic product range suitable for many different situations. You can order these products online and your order will be delivered to your office or any other location according to the standard delivery schedule which you will find under terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Pricing and Payment Conditions

For the duration of the Agreement the pricing of the Promotional Merchandise Items will be in accordance with the terms in the Master Agreement between BP and Lesmar trading as Prominate. All prices, fees and rates are expressed in GBP and are delivered duty paid (DDP – Incoterms 2013), excluding VAT. Pursuant to the Master Agreement, all invoices for Promotional Items ordered through the webshop or directly from Lesmar trading as Prominate will be sent upon delivery. Invoices must be paid within sixty (60) calendar days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Upon delivery of the promotional items, BP will have a reasonable amount of time to examine the goods for compliancy with any specification in a Purchase Order or hidden defects.